Code of Ethics

We at the Outerhaven Productions, while not receiving monetary compensation for our work, consider ourselves journalists in the field of gaming, anime, and technology. Although journalism has an unwritten code of ethics, the writers of this site will strive to hold ourselves to a standard befitting you, our audience.

While we’re not on the same level as IGN, Engadget, Anime News Network or Joystiq, we perform the same duties as the curators of sites like those. We conduct interviews, review games, technology and anime, gather news and communicate with our readers. We do not, under any circumstances, hold personal relationships, friendships, or otherwise with developers, public relations staff or publishers. We strive to conduct ourselves with a professionalism that befits what we strive to be, as do they.

As we said previously, we DO NOT get paid to write for The Outerhaven. Nor do we receive or take any sort of kickbacks or donations in order to pitch or advertise ANYTHING! We are still journalists in the purest definition of the word and will hold ourselves to a journalistic ethos because we are lovers of the world of gaming, technology, comics/mangas and anime.